Monday September 10th Schedule

Posted by JOHNSTON HIGH FOOTBALL on Sep 09 2018 at 04:47PM PDT

Hello Parents and Player,

I would like to give the players and parents a run-down for tomorrow and explain some confusion about scheduling for our Froshmores.

We along with many other high schools in the state are experiencing a problem with scheduling Froshmore games. It is a long explanation that is in the hands of the athletic directors who are working hard to clear up this glitch.

As soon as this is cleared up we will send out the Finalized schedule.

For now here is the plan for the next few days.
Tomorrow after school, all students will report to study hall (typically in the auditorium) you are expected to be there on time and with ALL books. You will enter and space yourselves out from one another in order to concentrate. If you are grouped together with your friends the coaches will have to designate seating. You are expected to do all homework and/or assignments from your classes. We will not accept the excuse “ I do not have any work to do “ we would explain to you to start reading ahead for your upcoming classes. It may be an opportunity for you to ask a teacher what you should do moving forward.
If you are struggling in a subject matter WE will pair you up with a teammate for help.

There is no reason why all players cannot achieve a high average grade across the board for the first quarter given time and help from teammates and coaches

After study hall we will have film session and the Froshmore Team can leave to prepare for the game.
The Froshmore game is at 6pm at our field. The athletic director is asking for this to be our injury fund game and if you could, a donation at the gate would be great.

Froshmores, it is a long day please pack a snack and drink.

The schedule for the upcoming practices is not finished, we are waiting for scheduling of the field, the cancellations the past few weeks has log jammed the field with games for soccer and it obviously affects us.

Thank you for your patients with this matter.

Coach Joe


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